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4. Association of Agricultural Producers in Bulgaria

Association of Agricultural Producers in Bulgaria is a legal non-profit entity registered in September 2004 Since its inception the organization is actively working in the interests of its members, assisting them and helping to solve problems in agriculture. For a short period of its existence, Association of Agricultural Producers in Bulgaria unable to establish effective partnerships with all institutions and organizations in the field of agriculture actually work for the development of the sector have the capacity, ideas and willingness to solve problems and policy formulation in the sector.

Association members are registered farmers for whom agriculture is a serious business which are pragmatic and innovative thinking, wishing to have an equal and competitive European market. Many of them have won various awards and honors for his achievements in the field.

The association organizes an annual membership meetings with senior representatives of the executive and legislative autorities in the form of a round table, thus farmers have the opportunity to put their questions and give concrete suggestions for solving problems.

Association of Agricultural Producers in Bulgaria team knows well the European requirements and documents, and through its newsletter, website (www.azpb.org) and specialized seminars, explains the changes that lie ahead in the sector, presents different options, alternatives and innovations in agriculture and overall aims make its members a competitive European and international market since the current approach adequate information and guarantee the realization of successful agribusiness.












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