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1.National Association of Producers of grape vine graft material

National Association of Producers grape vine graft material
Producton of base and certified grafted grape vine

Purpose: Ensure quality standards and operation of a unified system for quality control of vine planting material in the EU after elimination of border controls in the community

Need: Existing legislation:
- EU Directive N68/193 of 14.02.2002g. production and marketing of graft material
- Law on seed and planting material, March 2003. For more information press Here

Each country - a candidate for EU membership, which wants to export seed matrial in EU countries must introduce comparable with the general requirements for certification system

Standard material:
... is a proven origin and varietal identity
... not to show flaws that decrease its value as a seed

Recognized material
- Pre-basic
- Basic
- Certified

This material must be of varieties listed in the official variety list.Lhave propagation proceeds through stages of production as to the specific requirements, especially for research of disease agents.

Advantages of certified grape vine grafted material:
- Good health status and high level of security, quality of seedlings
- Ofsetting good results and grafting
- Fast entering of exploatation period and guaranteed longevity
- Fast and steady development of the entire plantation
- The possibility of reducing the cost of fertilizers and plant protection
- The possibility of applying targeted measures for plant protection in the lower part of the deviations
- Opportunities for integrated production
- High economic efficiency of plantations

National Association of Producers grape vine graft material is:
- Voluntary, independent, non-profit organization of doing business in the private benefit of its members.
- Created by a decision of the Constituent Assembly on 26 September 2003.;
- Taken with observer status at the European Association of pepinierite (CIP) - 24.11.2003 on Montpellier, France;
- Judicial registered on Jan 09, 2000

The association brings together its members to:
- Protection of their economic interests and social interaction with public authorities and management sazdavnena optimal conditions for the deployment stopaskata business activities of its members

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