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Tehnology of grafted grape vine production

With a view to strengthening the internal market and to remove barriers to free trade in planting material in the European Community is necessary to implement and comply with certain conditions for the sale of propagating material produced under the new production technologies. 

For the purpose , the Council of the European Union issued Directive 68/193 as amended by Directive 2002/11 of February 14, 2002, which sets out arrangements for the production and marketing of certified graft vine material.

Each member country of the EU should compile a catalog of the varieties to be admitted to an official certification and monitoring of standard planting material in its territory. It sets out the main morphological and physiological characteristics that allow to distinguish different varieties.

Each country is required to produce when you need a list of branches which have been formally admitted to the certification of its territory.

To ensure appropriate controls on the movement of grafted vine material, all countries must issue supporting documents for each batch.

Beginning of building a system of certification of graft material was placed in 1999 with the project "Promotion of fruit and wine in Bulgaria and of agriculture in mountainous region Lovech, together with representatives from MAF, research institutions and the National Association of manufacturers of grafted grape vine material.













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